DRC Student Test Booking and Accommodations

Welcome to the Student Test Booking and Accommodations website. On this site you will be able to:

  • View your accommodations that have been assigned by your counselor
  • Print out a pdf copy of your accommodations letter

Due to state and College guidance related to COVID-19, the DRC will no longer be administering on site exams in the DRC until further notice.

Exams will need to be provided in the alternative instruction environment of each course.

If you have questions about exam administration, please do the following:

  1. Ask your instructors for clarification and expectations.  Remind them that you are a registered student with the DRC and that you have been approved for accommodations.
  2. Direct them to MyDRC to allow them to see a copy of your Accommodation Letter that outlines your approved accommodations.

Steps students to ensure that you have your approved accommodations for your exams:

  • Student talks to their instructor and uses resources/technology available in their course.
  • If access is not possible using existing course resources/technology in the alternative instruction environment, the student contacts drcproctor@palomar.edu or a DRC counselor to explore remote accommodation possibilities.
  • If no remote accommodation possibilities exist, then the DRC Counselor works with the instructor regarding alternative assessment possibilities.

If you have further questions or concerns, contact the DRC Testing Center Coordinator at drcproctor@palomar.edu or schedule a meeting with a DRC Counselor by contacting drc@palomar.edu or 760-744-1150, ext. 2375