MyDRC Instructor Portal

Welcome to DRC's instructor information website. You can use this website to:

  • View classroom and test/exam accommodations that have been prescribed for your student(s). Only confirm receipt of the Academic Accommodation Letter(s) once the student(s) email or deliver it to you. You are only responsible for implementing the accommodations once the student(s) have presented/emailed it to you.
  • Review test/exam details and submit your upcoming test/exam.
  • Once you access the courses link above, you will see a list of all of your current courses in which one or more of your students are participating in the DRC and have requested and been approved for test/exam and/or classroom accommodations. Please click the courses link in the menu in order to get started. You will be asked to login using your school login account.
  • Acknowledge receipt of any e-mailed or hard copy DRC Authorized Academic Accommodation letters the student gives you. You will see a list of all your DRC students that have requested accommodation letters. You may also view the accommodation letter for each student. By clicking "acknowledge" you have essentially signed the letter and that information will be recorded in the student's file.

What if I see Accommodation Letters for students who have not presented me with a Letter?

  • There are times a DRC student may request and be approved for accommodations (i.e. extended time for exams or note taking, etc.) yet they intentionally choose to not use these accommodations and thus do not provide their Accommodation Letter to the instructor. Some students' disabilities have fluctuating symptoms and they may not be experiencing a flare up, or the way the exams are stuctured minimizes the impact of the disability causing them to not need the extended time. Or the student may simply be trying out a semester or a class without using their approved accommodations.
  • If instructors see Accommodation Letters in MyDRC and the student(s) had not presented them with a Letter, instructors should not approach the students or extend exam/quiz time.
  • The Accommodation Letter states at the top: "Student must present this letter to the instructor prior to the Accommodations taking effect." Accommodations, such as extended quiz/exam time, should only be applied in Canvas or in the classroom, etc. IF the student presents the instructor with a DRC Authorized Academic Accommodation Letter (e-mail or in person).
  • Instructors should ONLY adjust exam/quiz time in Canvas if/when the DRC student gives them the Accommodation letter (this may occur at ANY time in a given semester).
  • If a student tells a professor they have been approved for extended time for exams, the professor can check this by visiting MyDRC, however, legally, instructors can still request the student provides them with a copy of the Accommodation Letter.